2016 Scout Sunday patch offered

NAUMS is offering this patch for your observance of Scouting Ministries Sunday (Boy Scout Sunday, Girl Scout Sunday . . . ) in 2016. It is the first of a three-part series taken from a trio of stained glass windows at St. Luke's UMC in Memphis, TN. It is 2.5" x 7" in size.

2016 Scout Sunday patch

Cost of the patch is $3.50 apiece. All orders, for however many, must be accompanied by $6.25 for shipping. Make checks payable to NAUMS and mail requests and checks to:
NAUMS c/o Teresa Rector
5355 Chester Street
Arlington, TN 38002

Well done!

Castleton Scouts Show Their Support

Castleton Scouts Show Their Support
L to R: Mike Chambers, Event Coordinator; Art Collins, Tenke Team Leader; Ian Parent, Troop Committee Chair; Terry Prather, Committee Member (and Mitch's mom).

Boy Scout Troop 276, chartered to Castleton United Methodist Church, held a pancake breakfast and silent auction to raise money for the United Methodist Scout Jamboree to be held in Tenke, Dem. Rep. Congo, this summer. The Crossroads of America Council promoted the event heavily. To date, the Troop has raised $3,720.00 from the breakfast and auction. Dr. Arthur Collins, who is leading the team to Tenke, was invited to Castleton to receive a check representing their profits.

Tenke Team Members David Elser and Mitch Prather are both alumni of this Troop, which currently has over 80 boys registered. Many thanks to the Scouts and Scouters of Troop 276!

Membership Application

Here is the new Membership Application for NAUMS. You will note there is currently a special offer to recruit new members: you can now join for 2014 and 2015 for only $20 ($10 per year). This is for new members only. Send check and form to Teresa Rector at the address on the form. Annual dues for National Direct and Chapter Members remains $30 per year; National Direct members should send their dues to Teresa Rector, while Chapter members should send their dues to their Chapter President or other officer. Life Membership remains $400.

If you have a group of UM Scouters in a given area or District or Conference, why not form a Chapter and join together? Chapters pay an annual fee of $40 to recharter, plus they are required to send $15 per member per year to NAUMS; the Chapter keeps the remainder of the $30 annual dues for their own treasury.

In any case, let's grow this ministry. Let's do great things together!

membership application

Great Thanksgiving for Scout Sunday

We celebrated Scout Sunday this morning, the first Sunday in February. I know that The UMC designates the second Sunday in February as the primary Sunday. Nobody knows why, though I've heard that maybe it has to do with the first Sunday being a communion Sunday in many churches.

Well, I don't know why we need to avoid communion on a Sunday when there are likely to be many guests. Other charter partners who celebrate communion every Sunday certainly don't NOT do it just because guests are likely to be present. As for the official denominational designation, I've found that all the non-UM Scouts and Scouters are going to show up on the first Sunday anyway, since they get their info from BSA, not The UMC. So, it's just easier to go with the flow.

We usually try to make things special for that day. Some years we emphasize Scouting Ministry more, some years less. This year, I used a Great Thanksgiving I wrote for the United Methodist service at the 1997 National Scout Jamboree. If you'd like to use it in your church, here it is (please give proper credit).

Great Thanksgiving

This is the feast of victory for our God. Alleluia!
Not to us, O Lord, but to thy Name be glory.
Blessed are those who are invited
to the marriage supper of the Lamb.
God has filled the hungry with good things,
and the rich he has sent empty away.

Blessed are you, Lord God, King of the universe,
who brings forth bread from the earth,
and who satisfies our deepest longings
with the bread of heaven.
You made all things for our joy.
Even when we misused your gifts
and rejected your messengers,
you did not abandon us to our misery.
You are ever faithful, and the depth of your love for us
is the wonder of all creation.
Therefore, with angels and archangels,
the whole company of heaven
and all your people on earth,
we join in their unending hymn:

Holy, holy, holy Lord, God of power and might:
heaven and earth are full of your glory.
Hosanna in the highest!
Blessed is he who comes in the Name of the Lord.
Hosanna in the highest!

In the fulness of time, you sent your Son to us.
He is the Bread of Life.
He wandered many a dusty trail
looking for his lost sheep.
They heard his voice with joy, as he said,
"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst
for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied."
He healed the sick, ate with sinners,
and proclaimed the good news of your kingdom.

Lord, I am not worthy
to have you come under my roof;
but only say the word, and my soul shall be healed.

On the night that he was betrayed
into the power of his enemies,
he sat at table with his disciples.
He broke bread, gave thanks to you, and said,
"Take, eat: this is my body, given for you."
After supper, he took the cup,
gave thanks to you and said,
"This cup is the New Covenant in my blood,
poured out for you and for many
for the forgiveness of sins."
He gave us a new commandment,
that we should love one another as he had loved us.
He called us his friends.
He told us to remember him this way
until he comes again to gather us together
in the kingdom of heaven.
And so we proclaim the mystery of our faith:

Christ has died.
Christ is risen.
Christ will come again.

Send down your Holy Spirit to bless this Table
and all who gather about it.
Through the sharing of this bread and this wine
make us one with Christ, one with each other,
and one with the whole Church
in all lands and from all generations.

Send forth your Spirit,
and you shall renew the face of the earth.

Father, accept our sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving
through Jesus Christ our Lord,
who with the Holy spirit lives and reigns
with you forever, one God everlasting,
and who in his days on earth
gathered about him his friends
and taught them to pray together like this:

Here may be said or sung The Lord's Prayer. . . .
Afterward, the Celebrant breaks the bread and presents
the cup with these words, the People responding:

The gifts of God are for the people of God.
Let us keep the feast with joy.
Come, for all things are now ready.

Copyright 1997, 2002 Arthur W. Collins, published in My Lord Knows the Way Through the Wilderness

There's still time to order!


To order this year's Scouting Ministry Sunday patch, please send $3 per patch PLUS $5 shipping PER ORDER to Theresa Rector, NAUMS, c/o Paris FUMC, PO Box 25, Paris, TN 38242. (Sorry, no bulk discounts this year.)

Many churches are celebrating Boy Scout Sunday this coming Sunday; however, many United Methodist congregations celebrate it on February 9. And Girl Scout Sunday is coming on March 9. So get that order in pronto!

A Litany on the Scout/Guide Promise

O Lord, you are Faithful and True,
and your promises stand forever.
Inspire our hearts to dare great things for you,
empower us to accomplish what we profess,
and forgive us when we fall short
of the mark we ourselves have set.

Incline our hearts to keep our promises.

We make our promises upon our honor,
but there is no strength in us to keep them
without your aid,
and all the glory of our accomplishments
belongs to you.

Incline our hearts to keep our promises.

We promise to do our best
to do our duty to you and to our country,
and to obey the Law both divine and human:
for we believe
that no one can be the best sort of citizen
who does not acknowledge
one's dependence upon you,
and no one can be the best sort of disciple
who does not serve one's country.

Incline our hearts to keep our promises.

We promise to help other people at all times,
to see a neighbor in every stranger,
to protect the weak,
comfort the grieving,
encourage the weary,
supply the needy,
without any thought of reward
but your own approval.

Incline our hearts to keep our promises.

We promise to keep ourselves strong
for your service,
alert for every challenge,
and not to dull our hunger and thirst
for your righteousness.

Incline our hearts to keep our promises,
through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen.

-- Arthur W. Collins
reprinted from The Pathfinder, Volume 6, Issue 2
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Lunch with James and Jim

I had a delightful lunch at Gray Brothers Cafeteria today with James Mwoho, a District Superintendent from Uganda in the East Africa Annual Conference, and Jim Hertel, pastor of Mt. Auburn UMC up at Greenwood.

Pastor Mwoho was a General Conference delegate. He was visiting for a few days before flying back to Africa. He met Jim on one of Jim's many trips to Uganda. Jim got involved in African missions the way many of us did: somebody invited us, we went intending to do a kind of one-off, found ourselves in relationship with people who now mattered to us, and wound up well and properly hooked.

We talked about Scouting in Africa. Jim was surprised to find out that Scouting began in Africa! Baden-Powell wrote his book for army scouts, Aids to Scouting as a result of his experiences in the Boer War and in setting up the South African Constabulary thereafter. That later became Scouting for Boys and you know the rest. Except that non-Scouters probably don't know that beads that are awarded to Wood Badge training graduates originally came off a necklace of beads given to B-P by an African chief named Dinizulu. B-P is also buried in Kenya, where he retired to.

We talked about church, government, and scouting in Uganda. We talked about the Scout Troop at Mt. Auburn and its history and leaders. We talked about making disciples through Scouting Ministry. Some definite, if not yet determined things came out of our meeting.
I made an offer to arrange for some Scouting Ministry training at Local Pastors School in Uganda. If I can't go, I can find someone who will. Moving adults around to do things is expensive, but easy. It's taking kids overseas that's hard.

That said, the Mt. Auburn UMC Scouts are talking about taking their troop to Uganda. I offered to help them with the planning process for such a trip. I also offered to do Scouting Ministry training for Mt. Auburn and its leaders. I thought about trying to get them to go to Congo with us next year, but I fear that would be a distraction. If you're called to Uganda, then go to Uganda, and we'll try to help; meanwhile, if you can promote our Congo trip or find us some money, then God bless you.

Indiana and Africa go back a long way. We have people regularly criss-crossing the ocean from Indiana to do missions in Tanzania and Congo and Uganda. I know other Hoosier UMs who have deep experience in Sierra Leone and Liberia. We're serious about this, and we can be relied upon. Bringing to bear the resources that Hoosier UM Scouters and NAUMS have at their disposal, we can make great impacts upon the mission field. And every time we do, it revitalizes our own churches and fires our youth's hearts with zeal for God.

What a great day to be on the Scouting Trail with Jesus.

-- Art Collins
President of NAUMS

James Mwoho and Jim Hertel James Mwoho and Jim Hertel Uganda-bound

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Spreading the Word

Been a long day. But a good day. Finished off tonight with a NAUMS Board meeting by conference call.

The core issue to be decided was our annual Bible order. NAUMS's signature issue is the Bible Project. We supply backpacker-sized New Testaments to Philmont Scout Ranch and some other places for distribution in chapel settings.

This year, we will supply 1,000 special New Testaments for the 100th Anniversary of Girl Scouts. About 300 of those are designated for those attending the reunion meeting in July of the Great Girl Scout Hike of the Appalachian Trail. The others will be distributed all over the country by the Directors of NAUMS.

We will be sending 500 NTs to Northern Tier Canoe Base and 500 to Sea Base. Sea Base is an addition to the program this year, and the fulfillment of a promise that's been out there for a while. And, finally, we will send about 5,000 NTs to Philmont.

Funding for all this has come from small gifts and large. It has come from a grant from the UM Men's Foundation. It has come from profits generated by our first-ever sale of Scout Sunday patches (we've sold about 2,000 patches so far this year).

I am immensely proud to be the President of NAUMS and to say, "this is the kind of thing we do."